Corporate Philosophy

“We will contribute the development of IT, Card Solutions and Banking Equipment to the Indonesian business sector”

Our corporate philosophy represents our passion in developing the business sectors in Indonesia. We strive our best to meet our customer needs and demand by bringing in the latest technological developments in IT, card and banking equipment industry around the world.

PAT Vision and Values

“Becoming the leader of IT, card solutions and banking equipment provider in Indonesia”

Our future goal is to hold a position of a leader of the Indonesian IT, card solutions and banking equipment provider in Indonesia. With a firm corporate philosophy, values and solid team in our company, we are confident to achieve our vision. Our Corporate values mainly rely on three important factors. On the very top of our corporate values, we highly value our customer. We realize that customer satisfaction and loyalty are crucial factors in creating a great and sustainable business. Moreover, we also believe that to provide the best customer satisfaction, we have to deliver the best products and services to our customers. As a well-established company, we are committed to consistently provide high quality products and services mainly in banking sectors, financial institution and government. The last but not least in our company’s pyramid value is ‘development and improvement’. We value innovation as high as the other factors since we believe that for companies to grow, we have to keep developing and be innovative to the latest technology available in the world.